Our Brand

Beauty industry in Hong Kong is booming and poising for even more growth. While the definition of beauty contributes the never ending opportunities for the market, the founder of Wayoung found that beauty services and special care for “mothers” seems being neglected and goes unnoticed to most of the beauty service providers.

When a woman becomes a mother, her body undergoes various physical changes during pregnancy and after delivery, and these changes may be obvious or quite subtle. Most women feel worried about these changes may become permanent especially changes in their skin and body shape. In fact, pregnancy is a time for change. As long as you are willing to take proper and good care of yourself and work on getting back into shape - no matter what age, shape or fitness you are at this moment, pregnancy and being a mother is a time of “new life” and you can even be more confident being a beautiful mom from now on.

Wayoung, focusing the special needs and care of mothers, had designed a series of skin beauty and body care treatment targeting to regain their youthful look. Tailor-made treatment programs include stretch marks removal, skin firming and tightening, pigmentation reduction, body slimming and reshaping, etc. Wayoung offers not only a treatment, but a professional total solution for mothers aiming to return to their pre-pregnant fitness level and youthfulness, even better than before!